Shipyards Park


2nd Avenue and Ogilvie Street (edge of downtown)

The park features a rollerblading/bicycle track that becomes a skating loop in winter and a toboggan hill that doubles as picnic-style seating for a small amphitheatre. The park is connected to Rotary Peace Park, 1.5 km to the south, by a scenic footpath along the Yukon River and by the Whitehorse Waterfront Trolley, which runs daily during the summer. "Thinker", a sculpture by Béla Simó, is displayed near 2nd Avenue and "Raven's House", a sculpture by Alyx Jones, stands beside the trolley track. "River Walk" by Joyce Majiski is a series of concrete & metal sculptural posts and mosaics throughout the park. New to the park is the "Yukon Worker's Memorial" by Béla Simó